Consulting Services

We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we provide comprehensive consulting services in the areas of tax planning, estate planning, financial planning and retirement preparation. Our accountants look forward to sitting down with you to discuss your needs and draw up a plan that works for you now and in the future.


For accounting services in Lincoln, NE, Burch & Associates, Inc. offers personal attention and transparency. Our accountants will help you understand what's happening with your money, and advise you how to maximize its potential when it comes to your retirement.
Burch & Associates, Inc. is committed to saving you money and adding value to your post-work years. Our rates are competitive and we frequently offer a fixed price.If you want to know more about our retirement accountancy services please send us a message or call us today at (402) 483-4791.
Glasses and pen resting on accounting book Lincoln, NE
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