• Our office for bookkeeping services in Lincoln, NE
  • Our office for bookkeeping services in Lincoln, NE
We provide our clients with reliable tax preparation, small business consulting and bookkeeping services in Lincoln, NE. We strive to help our clients maximize profits, manage overhead and mitigate their tax liabilities. Burch & Associates, Inc. offers a wide level of services to meet your needs. 
Taxes can be extremely complicated and the tax laws are constantly changing. Our staff exceeds the required threshold for continued education each year. Combine that with the vast experience of our staff and you can rest easy knowing that your taxes are in good hands.
Sometimes simple bookkeeping tasks are the most overlooked and undervalued service that a small business should outsource. Having a third party doing bookwork reduces audit risk, increases efficiency by having timely financial statments and helps in the critical process of tax planning.
Burch & Associates, Inc. can also provide comparative industry benchmarks and guidance for your business. In fact, we provide this service for most all of our bookkeeping clients. Knowing the details of your particular industry is critical to helping you manage your business from day to day and year to year.
Combining the potent combination of tax, bookkeeping and industry guidance is one of the best investments you can make in yourself! We would love to have an opportunity to discuss what a great value and investment our services can be in helping you achieve your goals.
In today's world, we understand your need to save time and will work with you to find effective solutions for your business needs. Striving to build and maintain long-lasting and strong business relationships, this website in an extension of our commitment to you.

What we offer

Burch & Associates, Inc. can help you with the following:
• Bookkeeping and payroll services
• Tax preparation
• Financial reporting
• Comparative industry data
• IRS letters
• Amended returns
• Audit representation
• Consulting
We take great pride in combining experience with technology to help us streamline your business and serve you in the most efficient way possible. Our tax professionals, bookkeepers and staff are on hand to offer you advice that helps you maximize your profit potential. Please contact our office if you would like any more information about our tax and bookkeeping services in Lincoln.

Why choose us?

As specialists in Income Tax and monthly financial statement preparation for both individuals and businesses, Burch & Associates, Inc. can offer customized services that will keep you and your business on the right track.
Our tax experts are all Enrolled Agents (EA). What does it mean? We are the only tax practitioners empowered directly by the Department of Treasury of the U.S. Government to represent you before the IRS. Unlike other kinds of practitioners that you may address, EA's specialize solely in taxation.
At Burch & Associates, Inc. we realize our clients are more than just a set of numbers. We offer personalized service and will answer all of your tax and bookkeeping questions. We strive to offer simple and clear explanations to help you better understand your unique needs. With our tax preparation and bookkeeping services in Lincoln, we bring value for your money. Our rates are very competitive, and an investment in our services can help you save money in the long term.
Burch & Associates, Inc
  • Small Business Consulting and Industry Data Analysis

    Small Business Consulting and Industry Data Analysis

  • bookkeeping services in Lincoln, NE

    bookkeeping services in Lincoln, NE

  • Specializing in income tax

    Specializing in income tax

Specializing in income tax and monthly financial statement preparation for individuals and businesses. 
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