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We at Burch & Associates, Inc. know that an informed client is our best customer. The internet is a great education resource with endless amounts of information only a click or two away.
However, sometimes it’s nice to get some help while sorting through the virtual clutter and noise, thereby giving you a few helpful articles to view. Check back with us often for all of the latest information on how you can manage your business and financial needs more effectively. Talk to us today in Lincoln, NE about our newsletter, community service and more.
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 Help for Business Owners

This is the official link to the U.S. Government page.

Borrowing from Your 401(k) Plan

Individuals who participate in a 401(k) plan sometimes borrow from their own plan.

Substantiating Charitable Contributions

Approaching the end of the year, many of us need to catch up on our charitable contributions for a number of reasons in addition to a tax break. Allow us to briefly review the IRS rules on deducting charitable contributions.
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