What records do I need to provide in order for you to do monthly bookkeeping?

- Monthly bank statements
- Purchase receipts for large items and capital assets (vehicles, buildings, equipment) 
- Credit Card statements 
- Check Registries 
*This list is may not be all inclusive, we will work with you directly as every business is unique and is set up differently. 

What Tax Forms am is my business responsible for filing?

The simple answer is that it depends. At the simplest end, a sole proprietor only needs to file a Schedule C on their personal tax return. However, if you sell goods, you will need to collect sales tax and file a sales tax return with the state that the goods were sold in. If you have an employee other than yourself, you will need to file payroll tax reports quarterly and annually, as well as prepare a W2 for each employee and file a W3. If the county you are in has a personal property tax requirement, you will need to file an annual personal property tax return. For certain industries, motor fuels tax, tire sales fees, as well as other types of taxes may apply. If your head is starting to spin, you’re not alone. However, as your accountants, our firm will walk you through each step of the process in order for your business to be compliant at all levels of government.

What items do I need to collect for you to do our payroll?

- Please download a full list here

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